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    Now for a spooky snippet because of spooky day: From outer space an oppressive darkness wrapped itself around the Earth. A translucent film suffocated and sapped the populace in a bloodless revolution wrought by this instant void. No one had noticed what happened as it was all too incomprehensible to acknowledge, just too unimaginable. Not even amongst the brightest and most insightful individuals did a single hint of what happened register in their brains, and because it never registered it simply did not exist. The membrane that formed around the Earth flaked and shed, intoxicating the populace with a foggy deliriousness that tricked everyone into believing that all was fine. As the entity changed our planet, so did the people within it. Its seeds festering from within birthed a subconsciousness of its own that mercifully brought celebration towards self-extinction. Day by day the world would irreversibly change. Everyone lived on as they did, now trapped in a stagnant system serving as this being's organs. No one could scream, laugh, love or hate. Life now devoid of living never changed and no one cared. Their world warped and violated, all matter began to twist and form veins in decadent air to serve its insatiable hunger. Time had lost all meaning. Blurry beyond repair, no wandering spirit could bear attachment to humanity's home any longer. Every soul still trapped on this Earth to be continually corrupted troughout every incarnation. Eventually the entity detached itself and left the planet wholly sterilized from its protocol. The shroud of darkness lifted inside out as it moved on for a new host. When the horrors of this process at last became visible for all to see, it was already considered normal. Nothing remained but winds blowing away hearts made of dust and the anguish of a few faint whimpers.

The King of Games' Guide to Winning Games (thanks 'Yuug!):

To win games you must possess....

☆ Good judgement needing to know the rules and assess the situation of the game, and the instincts to decide when and how to act. Judgement comes from experience and confidence. Instinct requires divine courage. Whoever possesses both is the winner. DUEL!

To-Do List #2:

    ☆Craft a magical scepter/dagger/sword/ring to aid in my magical barriers, also some flash paper for magic scrolls would be cool too.
    ☆Do all the things before the year ends.
    ☆Clean my room and have my computer blessed.
    ☆Reclaim the past and forge it into the drill that will usher in the future.
    ☆Find a duel academy.
    ☆Start a secret society.
    ☆Finish Chaos Theory Map04 still along with other doom maps.
    ☆Do more art along with starting a game.
    ☆Collect silver and virtual coinage along with my playing cards that I treat as gold.
    ☆Find more dark chocolate with berry bits inside because I ate them all.
    ☆Figure out what I'm gonna do next in the sense of academics.
    ☆Start a magical diary along with a small demonology article. I suppose the diary is already here but it should progress to the second stage!
    ☆Salt and vinegar potato chips/crisps are objectively the best of their kind.

Spiral Edge

    ☆On Spiral Edge: This is a map for the Xenomorph Base Doomer Boards project (slot is MAP03). Here I focused on tense action with some "classy" vibes. There is lots of lava, lots of demons, and lots of darkness! The first version of this map had way too many monsters and too little ammo but is now balanced accordingly! Maybe the map isn't perfect but it's still a good cupcake map with cupcake tactics involved. I suppose this map is the refined result of making a map out of individual "generic" parts. When making this map I just drew on paper a cool room then "snapped" it in place. I experimented with a few things here and there but if you enjoy some good dungeon crawling made by I the dungeon master then play it! You can download this Doom project right here!

Trench Gore

    ☆On Trench Gore: This is a map for the Coffin Curse Doomer Boards project (slot is MAP06). I wanted to make some trenches in this map but also a kind of castle base. I was thinking of World War One when making the trench as that area is likely to pulverize you with bullets while you drench yourself in acid. This map is another super tense dungeon experience and the next map I make like it will have multiple ways of starting the map as it can be repetitive if you die a lot. If you play it please do not fall down into the trench first thing because that's a bad idea! Instead, try to make way to a few vantage points and clear the trench some from afar with the best place being the high bunker. Oh, I also fit a myhouse section into the map because I wanted to do that too, being inspired by Momento Mori's MAP17. This map is pretty tough but it also has a BFG9000 tucked away somewhere because I want you to have it but it's still secret though. This map also features a really fancy boat! You can download this Doom project right here!

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