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Wishy Wackadoodle

Wishy Wackadoodle, WAD for Doom 1

  • A crazy mishmash arena map that is a pentiultimate showcase of GROOVECRUISE's first few maps, in themes and aesthetics anyway.

  • I plan on including it in GROOVECRUISE as a bonus map whenever it gets finished.

  • Download this radical fantastical map right here!!Features lots of the best use Doom's original textures!

  • I suppose if you never want it to end you could turn on infinite monster and item respawns, hehe.


    Groove Cruise, WAD for Doom 1

  • Started as a sort of love letter to the spirit of 90s maps... though my own unique flavours to it have made it seem a greatly exagerrated expression.

  • Work postponed for now as I am working on SINPROXY at the moment.

  • Sorry no download yet dood. Estimated release date hopefully around September 2017.


    SINPROXY, WAD for Doom 2

  • Spooky themed maps that are definitely more slow paced than the usual bunch of maps, atleast the first few. Be prepared to be starved of ammo and health in those first few steps!

  • Features Doom's first open outdoors rainy forest map! I hope the rain effects won't get annoying (it's the map I'm working on right now in it.)

  • Has a plot that mostly revolves around your own take of the details within the maps but generally centers around demonic apocolypses mingleing with dark conspiracy theories.

  • No downloads yet, but I have a set release date of June 2017 (atleast that's the plan for now.)

  • Ow The Edge

    OwTheEdge, WAD for Doom 2

  • Wanted to make a few gothic themed maps here. IMO the first map is the best and I hope you enjoy the compact-ish non-linear design or whatever :P

  • Custom red shades doomguy face made by yours truly :s

  • Not working on this anymore, additional detail and download right here

  • Ow The Edge 2/Death Whistle

    Ow The Edge 2, WAD for Doom 2

  • More gothic themed maps, but if ever released it will be complete.

  • Definitely going for a more grandiose feel, with some influence from the series BERSERK (pic related, put your grasses on).

  • No download yet, and no estimated date of release.

  • CyberFunk Deluxe?

    ?????, WAD for Doom 2

  • ZDoom Mapset I haven't gotten around to yet :s

  • Trust me it'll be great and have MOD/XM music like this

  • No funky fresh downloads yet. Just an idea right now but more thought and such than the one directly below :s

  • Twilight Dreams Under The Moonlight?

    ?????, WAD for Doom 2

  • A somber and dream-like and open-world puzzle map?

  • Lots of little puzzles but don't worry there's stuff to shoot too, hehe.

  • Not even an imaginary download yet. Just an idea right now.

  • Chaos Theory

    Chaos Theory, WAD for Doom 2

  • Began as every noobs dream: a one-man megawad. If I ever do get to 32 maps then it will probably take me my entire life. Right now on the third map, and I think it might just be TOO EXTREME...?

  • Demo download I guess with the first 2 maps and then some

  • Playthrough videos of MAP01 and MAP02

  • Once map03 is finished I'm not going to be showing much else of it until the whole 6 map episode is complete. Be prepared to play the highest energy maps in the universe, you won't be called a coward for taking a break, as long as you come back that is!

  • Sorry but not much has happened to this for a long time but if we're all really lucky it will come out around December 2017 - June 2018 (because my birthday is in June!)

  • Mnerva

    Mnerva, WAD for Doom 2

  • A single map that was my first release on Doomworld if I remember correctly.

  • This map features a gimmick of lowering walls, so um, be prepared to hit switches to progress.

  • Download this quick heroic timekiller right here!!

  • I hope you like old metal MIDIs.

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