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Chaos Theory

Episode I: Harmonious Optimism Via Deus Ex Machina

The Story So Far...

The universe has been in a state of utopia for nearly a millenia now. Earth was left long ago by humankind and is largely flooded with only half of its lands above water than there were 1000 years ago. The Earth now is a beautiful sight now overgrown with vegetation, but demons have chosen now to attack humankind's new home planet where humankind has made its new home. Letting loose in a single invasion, they occupy most of the Earth and their plan of attack is to send the flying fortress Cherrkasst towards your home planet and destroy it through direct collision and the unloading of the billions of missiles stored inside. It is estimated that by the time anyone could get to the control room of the flying fortress, the demons will have already begun launching the flying fortress into space. Destroy the demons occupying the abandoned UAC island bases, turn on the hydroponic accelerators, drink some orange juice, and destroy the flying fortress and its missile supply before it is too late. The world needs a hero now more than ever! This is a time for legends to be made! A time for heroes to save the world! That's where you come in.

  • Demo download I guess with the first 2 maps and then some

  • Playthrough videos of MAP01 and MAP02

  • Be prepared to play the highest energy maps in the universe! You won't be called a coward for taking a break, as long as you come back that is!

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