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The Big Idea...

By order of the Ecclessian king you are sent to the wacky planet of Tazayoink to colonise it for the greater good of the Empire and its people. Except the planet of Tazayoink is filled with demons! Crazy colors! Funky groovy music! There is so much stimulating the senses on planet Tazayoink that it makes your brain feel electrified time to time. You are not sure if it is good or bad but it sure happened. Maybe through the music that plays in the planet you can communicate with the demons take the planet peacefully. The demons just want to eat you though so that isn't happening. Dancing might work though. This mission is top secret so best of luck to you. Lock and load space marine, because this is your grooviest adventure yet!

  • Started as a sort of love letter to the spirit of 90s maps... though my own unique flavours to it have made it seem a greatly exagerrated expression.

  • Proud to be part of the

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