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Wishy Wackadoodle

Wishy Wackadoodle, WAD for Doom 1

  • A crazy mishmash arena map that is a pentiultimate showcase of GROOVECRUISE's first few maps, in themes and aesthetics anyway.

  • I plan on including it in GROOVECRUISE as a bonus map whenever it gets finished.

  • Download this radical fantastical map right here!!Features lots of the best use Doom's original textures!

  • I suppose if you never want it to end you could turn on infinite monster and item respawns, hehe.

  • The Frosty Cream Glade from Circle of Caina SP

    Circle of Caina SP, WAD for Doom 2

  • This WAD is full of chill and very comfy frosty fresh Doom maps!

  • Made in only 5 days!

  • Additional detail and download right here!

  • Ow The Edge

    OwTheEdge, WAD for Doom 2

  • Wanted to make a few gothic themed maps here. IMO the first map is the best and I hope you enjoy the compact-ish non-linear design or whatever :P

  • Custom red shades doomguy face made by yours truly :s

  • Not working on this anymore, additional detail and download right here

  • Mnerva

    Mnerva, WAD for Doom 2

  • A single map that was my first release on Doomworld if I remember correctly.

  • This map features a gimmick of lowering walls, so um, be prepared to hit switches to progress.

  • Download this quick heroic timekiller right here!!

  • I hope you like old metal MIDIs.

  • Ow The Edge 2/Death Whistle

    Ow The Edge 2, WAD for Doom 2

  • More gothic themed maps, but if ever released it will be complete.

  • Definitely going for a more grandiose feel, with some influence from the series BERSERK (pic related, put your grasses on).

  • I'm not sure if I'll ever finish this, so I might be able to use what's in it for something else.

  • Proud to be part of the

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