Most demons are actually pretty nice once you get to know them - the nice ones anyway.

Memmon - 900 Pound Terror

A large pulsating behemoth who is obsessed with consuming flesh, and chomps in one bite that eviserates all but the limbs. A nihilistic demon who consumes only for cheap thrills. Prefers to reside in caves surrounded by open-ended forests. The more it eats, the stronger and faster it becomes. Memmon's footsteps are silent, and it's leaps far and wide. As big as this demon is, not many can claim to see it as it only strikes when it knows there won't witnesses around. The appendages infront of its mandibles are for easy impalement and feeding.

Abilities: Can bury itself underground, and move unimpeded in caves. Leaps 10 feet in the air. Attacks by leaping and large bites. Body is surrounded in thin hairs that latch on to its prey like velcro.

Impaergi - Sky Terror

A sinister demon that flys into unsuspecting open windows (or a napping camper) and hangs its noose around its sleeping victim; hanging and carrying them away to their deaths. The body that remains is just a decoy that is controlled by the balloon membrane's mind-controlling fungi. The body distracts and swings its weapons while the balloon demon is the puppet master. If the balloon's corpse decoy is destroyed then it floats into the sky until ready to strike again. If the demon's balloon membrane is killed it explodes into a burst of toxic gas. This cunning demon is a favourite in children's horror stories to teach them the dangers of giving strangers a free entry into their homes.

Abilities: Silently hovers and flies through the skies. Uses its tendon-emblazoned noose to hang victims, drain them of life and use their corpse as a defense mechanism. Hides in either the thickest trees and bushes, or high in the sky. May trick a child to hold on to it by appearing to be a normal balloon before wrapping the noose around the child's neck and wisking itself away. Upon death explodes into a toxic fog.

Nyjestzan Bishop - Sprinkled Decadence, Frosted Apathy

A cackling clown cultist that gallops the streets at night to smell flowers beside the windows and spill gallons of blood. A follower of the demon lord Nyjestza, an icon of hedonistic stimulation. Followers are recruited through sacrificial ceremonies, specifically only men are the ones seduced to don the mask. If you want to hire a clown for a birthday party then make sure you don't pick the one that's always holding a huge tri-edge knife in the right hand. They kill for thrill and offer the experiences they've had to their lord Nyjestza.

Abilities: Gallops and skips towards prey to thrust the tri-edge blade into. Fires a pistol at corpses. Can use a trumpet to call for other cultists hiding in the darkness. Has a 50% chance to giggle and a 10% chance to trip and fall mid-skip n' gallop.

Annils - Infant Larvae

A slithering demonic larvae that would be much more effective at killing (and survival) if it did not scream each time it started to hunt prey. This demon likes to hide inside of walls, and relishes in the air of damp rotting wood. The appendages are a single large claw that the demon uses to move itself on any surface, but it cannot move very fast. No one has seen this demon force open its eyes before. Not many live long enough to grow into it's final form as many other demons see them as a tasty treat, and are encouraged to aid in their extinction.

Abilities: Weakly moves around and seeks to silently kill critters to feed on. Screams in a deep tone to signal its own attack.

Katamon - Hyperrealistic Horror

A flying monster that originates from otherworldly tethers between dimensions, who assimilates random objects it finds. Uses its camera lenses to oversee the world and shoot death lasers. The laser camera on the bottom is an ion cannon.

Abilities: Can drop a beacon to recruit nearby small critters to its side. Shoots lasers. Stares creepily and looks offputting. Can fly moderately over the ground. Rocketboost and charge forth.

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