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Prince Cytus Zardock Ecclessia

Current viceroy of Cumberbatch Valley, and funder (how much of it is taxes though?) of his younger brother's science experiments. Serves as main defensive general to blitzkrieg any extraterrestrial demonic threats, particularly in the ocean. He spends most of his time attending court, drinking lemon tea, reading tattered books, playing with his hat, and practicing spells new and old. He is a more seldom studious, clueless, and commanding member of the family. He's pretty chill. One time he took a garbage lid and used it to slide through the clouds, falling into a fireworks storage facility, then throwing the garbage can lid against the storage warehouse so hard with the help of a ten-ton hammer with a mecha-piston launched the warehouse and all its fireworks over the ocean and into a maelstrom which had fireworks spark over the whole planet which set a few houses on fire but was worth it for the invention of firecracker-laced hotdog cigars (to be honest I just wanted to make a run-on sentence).


Our grand hero(ine) in the new grand adventure. Lives in the small peaceful village of Dewmapleberry attending Cherry Knight (High?) Academy to become the world's greatest knight. B-Blonde hair and emerald green eyes are her looks when she's not wearing a helmet. A steadfast, beautiful, and kindly maiden who will cut you up into asymmetric sushi chunklets. Her family's armour is the Heart Knight Armour, who she dons to fight for love and peace and all that jazz. Not so cynical to the point that she believes everything is self-aware. Pretty good waifu material, and is of the Chaotic Good alignment.


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