Ecclessian Soldiers

As pictured upper left to lower right: Bob, Kevin, Duane, and Carl.

Bob a standard knight, who can come in different colours which determine his charge's strength and distance.

Kevin is an agile ye olde time knight who prefers to stay on the defensive and loves to counterattack after a successful block using a dash backwards and activating the rocket-launcher inside his left arm.

Duane is a ye olde time soldier who throws bombs of all kinds and screams like a madman.

Carl is a standard soldier who comes in different varieties of colour which determines his weapon type from machineguns to shotguns and the like.

Radio Agent

Stealthy agents who hide and flank with a pistol. Uses a radio to call in bombing and reinforcements.

Let's name him Richter. His name is Richter and he's a fashionable and necessary slenderman. Preferred to wear ponytails during duty. Oh yeah, his movement is pretty fast too.

Big Bipsy - Crusader Tank

This big guy will use his big sword to cleave and smite his way through his enemies. In this universe, crosses are only symbolic aesthetics that are a must for a Big Bipsy to don in battle. Big Bipsy is a master of spinning his blade like a tornado to cast torrents of pure flame and takes a lot of punch to interupt. His charges are sweeping, and his stomps smashing. The sight of this knight makes most lesser demons quiver before his might. Oh, and he can jump pretty high to stomp on large targets.

Ditzy 57 - Pew Pew Identification

A sentry bot that are often used in swarms (they're in the walls!) which fire small glowing bullets and slide around like the little buggers they are. If it asks for identification just press the OFF switch on top of its head, or just shoot it in the face which usually solves most other problems. It's that easy.

Deathmage - Tanky Overkill

A colossal death machine with two 100mm cannons on each side designed in inflict collateral damage and for tearing down buildings. The skull on the front streams flames so hot they're coloured purple, but can be customised with your favourite fire dyes. The flames come out of the eyes but from the mouth comes a mess of bouncy grenades that are sure to destroy a good chunk of the planet. On the sides and front are spike shields that are equipped with pistons to quickly impale anyone getting too close. Some versions are airborne while most other alterations just have a quick hover boost to rain death from above.

Bishop XN-51 - Overequipped Cyber Scorpion

A flying robot whose weapons on each side can be swapped out for different weapons like swords or plasma whips. They hover above ground and mode seamlessly with incredible stabilization dispite how big its weapons are. The one on the (your) right is a three-pronged tesla death ray that sends radiant energy to where it aims. The left is a rocket-launcher with a chaingun underneath which is a popular weapon combo for mass destruction and judgement. It comes with several lashing scythes and syringes because it can also be used in neurosurgery. Oh yeah its big eye is also a big death laser.

Buster Buddy - Police Raid Paperboy

A seige mecha that was built explicitly for shock and awe blitzkriegs. An average speed of 75 MPH, thick blades folded 10,000 times, and double 25mm chainguns to boot (this one has a grenade launcher though). The cannon on the head fires a large incendiary round to spread painful fires, which can be customised with brand-name fire dyes. Anyone riding this tank is going to feel safe and have lots of fun. The wind-up key is to generate more energy to make it somewhat self-sufficient.

Ecclessian Space Marine - Upper Tier Badboy

Soldier stationed on space projects for galactic and universal domination! His name is Gilbert and might be a bit yandere.

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