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Staff of Helvenbach

Provided the user has enough mental polarity training, this staff can be used to fire bolts of hellfire and clouds that spawn neon rain that melts the flesh. Charging all three points can cast a torrent of demonic energy that has a mix of side-effects, including being knocked back a dozen feet or two. If the staff's power is exhausted it can be quickly replenished by replacing the crystal attatched to the end. Well, if you can't think hard enough to make more energy appear using the power of imagination that is. This staff is part of a set used by the legendary warlock Helvenbach. His staff and robe have been discovered, but no one knows where his mask went.

All-Purpose Turbo Teapot

Made with love this teapot is simply magical, because it can launch explosive globules of high-energy hydration. Simply pour water inside and be amazed with how it instantly heats up and is able to decimate your enemies with a well coordinated magic blast. Explosive globules travel in an arc, and can be made bouncy if charged (steamed/boiled) enough before firing. This teapot can be upgraded to shoot straight like a cannon or spray super-melty (corrosive) liquid. The heart is an indicator of how much water is inside and what mode it is set to (changes availible with upgrades). The best function is that you can make instant tea with it, and pour it safely. Experiment at will with sugars and teas for different fun effects. Duels at parties with these teapots can be quite common these days.

Zenith Peashooter XL

This pistol makes a big boom and breaks the sound barrier with every shot, so dare it be called a sonic boom blaster? Using 15mm bullets that fire off blue encapsulated lightning, these weapons are pretty big so you might want to use both hands when firing as they aren't quite space-age enough as to have little recoil. Manufactured by the Zenith Corporation, these rooty-tooty-point-and-shootys are gauranteed to make your satisfying one-shot takedowns even more fun. Specialized ammunition includes chain-lightning that travels at, ofcourse, sonic speed. Found inside the desks, or behind paintings of every self-respecting officer of Ecclessia™

Seal of State

A reward presented to those highly esteemed by the Emperor for an achievement that is highly respected, rank be damned. The main reward is a physical version that is granted at ceremony, while a holographic stand version and pin emblem are teleported to the recipient's house. Has been rewarded to an artist, bounty hunter, and space engineer in addition to the majority of winners being competent military personel. Has only been rewarded 8 times in 100 years. Can be consumed....

Shield of Zeventhorn

This shield was presented as a favor to aide third emperor of Ecclessia, Axel Ploui Harken Ecclessia II. The creator enchanted the shield with three rotating orbs that act as a tesla shield that zap to dust any projectiles that come between its own ley-line field. The third emperor used the shield in battle during a crusade to drive out the nests of demented horrors that infested a hundred farmers' villages. The orbs on the shield can also be thrown akin to a flail that strikes with divine impact. A new user will need to attune his or her mind to the shield and making peace with the previous owner's spirit. No one has used the shield for several generations as most find it an outdated relic, but it could come in handy someday....

Lobotomizer - Piston Bolt-Gun

Using might the likes of a mighty blacksmith's hammer, this firearm launches heavy spiraling projectiles. The bolt on the titanium piston can be adjusted to change the range, where the piston set farthest back fires with increased range but less damaging and penetrative, while close-range has the bolt drawn in at it's minimum to fire them in quick succession with maximum punching power. Another reliable tool for space-engineers and other space working folk.

Braun T-Gun

An old gun that doesn't see much use anymore dispite it being pretty neato. Insert arm to hold trigger and other features (like safety, duh). Shoots tiny but relaible bullets from a long magazine that holds 40 rounds. Largely used in battles against rival factions before the second reset.

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