the first draft! also the pixel soldiers you see above are thy own craft! size based off of Doom's Zombieman sprite (too bad they don't quite match Doom's palette tho)


Introduction..? (Well it's a start I suppose)

  • What started as a humble family-runned chocolate-addicted bakery evolved into a grand empire that stretches across an entire half of the planet. From the past known as Eternal Damnation was when order completely collapsed and all institutions humanity relied dependant upon ceased to function. During this time of eternal strife was when demons materialised from a whirlpool in orbit whom came to annihilate the remnants of humanity. After humanity's internal enemies have been defeated and one side emerged victorious came their next trial to fight the demons, who in turn came for them. Those man in charge of the family-runned humble chocolate-addicted bakers was granted the Divine Right to Rule in his blood by the ancestral spirits of Wisemen alchemists, who were from the period before time had solidified itself during the universe's creation.

  • That man was Velec Ecclessia, who lead humanity in The Demon War, and established his place as first Emperor of the realm. The demons left the earth after a myriad of battles, cursing the Ecclessian bloodline, letting Velec's family know that they shall return at every absolute peak mankind achieves living within a utopia. After the demonic hordes have gone, humanity was united but not for long as past grudges resurfaced and assassinations were a daily occurence. In this strife Velec sought contact with the ancient spirits once more to ask how to save all that is wholesome in a time of hopelessness. They told Velic that the Demons left only to leave humanity in suffering and that before they return the world must be reset. Velic with the help of the Wisemen spirits were to seek a request of God to reset the world. The God accepted and once Velic gathered a mass of people to leave with his family, the reset was ready to initiate. However, Xeraban of The Belarusian Front, a large demon ambushed Velic as a final obstacle to overcome. Velic succeeded by only a few hairs, and limped over to complete the reset process.

  • This reset left the people alone in the universe that replaced the old on a new planet for a new story. The reset left an artifact of the power used by God scattered around the realm, and the landmasses of the new planet were divided by the natural and the realm of demons as neighbors only divided by a rift in the planet that remains still yet growing to erupt. A few of the families brought by Velec became houses of nobility in the now established Ecclessian Empire. They built their settlements and the denizens of the planet remained still for hundreds of years. The Reset was not the first, and in doing so no one can call for God's help anymore, as no one remembers God's name. There are many other Gods and Divine Spirits in the realm, but none who were there from the beginning as God was. No direct contact can be made with the Collective Unconscious, and no contact with the power that God is, as that God has also forgotten his own name.

  • In 0327 ASR (After Second Reset) the Ecclessian Empire has ruled dominus supreme, being the one and only ruling caste of mankind. Ecclesia's capital cities are a magnificent utopia whose brave army battles the occasional demonic forces that are transported near their inner cities. The Ecclessian Empire has begun to be locked in a battle of attrition against the endless hordes of the demons. The current Ecclessian Emperor locks himself away, alone and seemingly no one knows of his wherabouts. The current quest of the realm resides in the destiny of a princess who lives far away from the Ecclessian castles. Princess Celeste Ecclessia, 7th princess of the realm trains to become a knight as dark conspiracies evolve, and fate slowly reveals itself to her.

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