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[spoiler]This is for a school assignment guise[/spoiler] 2018 UPDATE TO THIS 2015 PAGE: THIS IS ALL REALLY OOOLLLLD

  • Biography

  • My name... is not important. What is important is what I'm going to do and what I'm capable of.

    But if you insist....

    My full real name is Valentinez Gumbidobella Blue Stradavari Andron Charton Haymoss Xifax Fritzkai Doitzel Kaiser III.

    Only a few people call me that anyway. If any.

    As you can see from my lovely picture I am so nice and beautiful that it was even featured by Germany in this peculiar article.

    I am currently studying so that I may be a wizard, though I've only recently been initiated into the hermetic arts. I'm a high school student right now, so I ain't a NEET yet. In the next site update I'm considering putting up some of my ridiculous stories, but before writing here I've written at a place of my childhood: The Doom Wad Station.

    Mapping for DOOM is what I do (haven't in a while due to a mapping block, I think I can go at it again now >.<). On Doomworld there's an awards ceremony called the Cacowards and I'd like to win one day knowing I've made something truly amazing and loved for my favorite game!

    Will level/game design for food :P

    Maybe one of these days I'll go on Unity and make the worlds first anime-themed FPS© of my dreams :u

  • Community

  • Community? Well I used to go to church and I hardly ever litter. Not me nor anyone is innocent. I admit to callously (with a taste of regret might I add) tossing aside scraps of paper on more than one occasion and for that I am truly sorry.

    But hey I clean up everything but my own desk so that's good. I also lend a helping hand then and again. Um, I am part of the Doomworld community I suppose and collaborate a bit.

    Who wants world domination? No... thou must conquer the universe!

  • Extracurricular Activities

  • I play chess on occasions, and sometimes I explore the forests in my vicinity. That works, yeah?

  • Career Aspirations and/or Colleges of Interest

  • Computer stuff/housewife/revolutionary

    Fun Fact: The aura of the Illuminati surrounds me as I perform and influence from the shadows.

  • Current GPA

  • Eh... probably 3.5

  • References

  • I guess here, and here ;)

  • Multimedia

  • My Doom projects? :/

    Contact me, followed by I guess a call, and then I'll try giving you an in-depth tour right then because I can't be arsed to write one right now.

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