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To-Do List:

    ☆Play more Wizardry 8 (When I got outside of the first dungeon and into the world it got kinda boring because it's pretty barren up there...)
    ☆Finish a map I need to make for REKKR (a Doom total-conversion)
    ☆Add more Ecclessia items to the already made pages (items,family,forces,and demons) and figure what I'm going to do for a new one. Thinking of an "Other People" Section :u
    ☆Practice drawing animu grills (practice drawing every part of the body 15 times and then practice those parts together to assemble the perfect waifu of thy own creation.
    ☆Get 'A' grades....
    ☆Finish Chaos Theory Map03... "SOON"
    ☆Figure out what I'll do for the next GROOVECRUISE map....
    ☆Review another WAD for DoomWadStation
    ☆BTW I just watched the anime Kino no Tabi and you should too~

Sticker Star Sundae - Zany Labyrinth Map Completed!

Seething Sorrow - Laggy Rainy Spooky Forest Map Completed!

Looks like tonight's midnight society meeting has been cancelled....

    ☆On Sticker Star Sundae: If this map has a "theme" it's that it has a lot of symbols scattered around, mostly stars since in the intermission screen it's supposed to look like an observatory. Probably one of the last of the "messy spaghetti" type maps I'll make (e1m1-e1m3 are the messy spaghetti arc, mostly because of the basic principles they follow) delicately design-wise, since I want to do different design philosophies for the other maps. This one focuses more on being a zany abstract maze with some (optional) parts only accessible via secret, has noodely corridors and where difficulty varies upon the path taken in the labyrinth. Walls lower, doors trigger, and teleport pads are seasoned throughout.

    ☆On Seething Sorrow: This map lags a bit from the rain, mostly at the start since there's a lot of high and wide space being rendered, but I hope it won't be too much of a problem. The ambition came with a cost :u. It's also kind of difficult so I want to ease the difficulty of it some since there's too much running around during combat and not enough quietly scavenging for items. Also there's a pretty difficult encounter near the end that is covered in hellish bloodvines, of which you need to prepare for by exploring the map. HINT: Check the van that crashed into a tree for the chaingun (finally because it's map03 :S).

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