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I have too much dark chocolate stored, but that's a silly complaint because that means I just have to eat it all slower. However, I may have the chocolate supply covered yet I lack any milk and orange juice. Peanut butter is needed too, as it is necessary for optimal execution of my ingenious and chaotically organized plots. I desire a great, beautifully perfect burger. I just want to fill this space and I'm hungry so yeah! Living off of nothing but dark chocolate leaves much to be desired as in I wish I had more options for dietary consumption and that I didn't pick so many dark chocolate varieties that embodied more than 60% cocoa. Oh, and YOU ARE NOW HAVING A GREAT, GREAT DAY! Yes, yes, doing just that, yes....... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!

    ☆I am considering if I should rename the Ecclessian Ecclesian Empire to the Elysian Empire. This is because I just learned of this word like two weeks ago and I believe it's a great word! I enjoy the fruits of democracy (but not mob rule) so I think I'll provide you, the people, with the choice! Vote for the name here if you'd like!

The Frosty Cream Glade

    ☆On The Frosty Cream Glade: This is a map for the Circle of Caina SP Doomer Boards project. Making this map was a good exercise as I played around with concepts I wanted to use for future maps in my personal projects, namely the pinky crusher room. Even better was that I managed to make this map in only 5 days! I've also never made a map with a frosty ice theme, and I always know I can get a theme right so it was quite fun to make a comfy map that goes great with some hot chocolate. I've also wanted to exercise more verticality in my map design and also with having a large amount of the map being a damaging sector. In this Doom project, all of the water is supposed to hurt slightly because of how cold it is! Brrrrr! A lot of people really like this map and I've been told that it's the best of the bunch twice now (it holds the MAP05 slot) and that makes me happy. It's good to know that I can still map great because after making this I've moved on to work on my beloved Chaos Theory mapset again. You can download this Doom project right here!

Dread Slayer

    ☆On Dread Slayer: This is a map for the Doom project called Gore Prisons. I don't actually know what the name of this map is so I just made that one up. The name now is Dread Slayer! This map went through a big overhaul as the first time I tried making it, it was awful. The map was bad and lazily done at first, but thankfully I am no stranger to remaking things so I made the map again but bigger and better. I don't know if I am good at making maps meant to be difficult as this is supposed to be MAP15 of the project and is supposed to hard. So naturally I had to use more higher-tier monsters like a dozen barons and two dozen cacodemons. Making this map led me to begin mapping on a semi-regular basis again along with the lovely discussions and monthly projects on Doomer Boards. This map begins with an E1M1 remix then branches off into a techbase that all together is lost in the Hell's Inferno. There are some cages with some dead dudes in them to stay true to the name of Gore Prisons. Making this map was part of a learning curve for me and I feel it was for the better. I got to learn how to map again in the process, and for the future instead of making a map supposed to be late-game material thinking of being difficult it would be better to just keep thinking of challenge except using more higher-tier monsters!

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