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Rest easy my dudes

Breath in some good fresh air once in a while. Look to the stars if you are able to and be inspired by them!

Invest time in learning how to banish the souls of your enemies to the Shadow Realm!

2018 is gonna be wacky I'm tellin ya
How wacky are things right now? What stage is the metagame in now?

Don't watch videos about a guy talking about video games or anime but instead watch videos about guys talking about education!


Make your dreams come true! Don't let them slip away!

Tempest Palisade - At Long Last!

    ☆On Tempest Palisade: Wow I actually finished this! I started this map like 2 and a half years ago and decisively finished it at the end of this year! This map was built for lots of replayability and is the largest map I've made yet. I had to change nodebuilders just to get this map to work because of how large and intricately detailed it is. Over 800 monsters (on hard), 777 items, and 11 secrets. I made this map by making the areas first then filling them in with enemies and such at the end. It took a lot of time to polish as well. I kept wondering how I'd ever be able to make a map so large consistently entertaining so while I was making it I made sure to make every room vary and have something cool about it. A handful of entire areas have been scrapped and completely reworked before making the final cut. The concept of this map was to make it THE entire island base of... this map called Tempest Palisade! I've started the next map already so I hope I can get that done "soon." Action! Intensity! Pulse Tempo Climax! Extreme variety and awesomeness! For love and for peace!

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