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Some Pixels of SuperCupcakeTactics Craft

Some pixel stuff I made. I can't show it all here though because of most of the pixel art I've made (a ton of highly detailed textures) being for games which are not released as of yet. Hire me in exchange for cash money please or make something super cool that I wanna make something cool for :S

☆SuperCupcakeTactics Soldier☆

Final boss monster Shub-Niggurath I made for the super fantastic Doom wonderland Maskim Xul!! Free to use as long as credit is provided. Please use it!

☆Ecclessian Cookie☆ that may be used in a game

☆Popcorn Goblin☆

☆Spooky Blue Fence and Bush☆ Was for an attempt at a spooky game but it didn't work out

☆Anime PC-98-esque face☆ I tried making that I never finished but may start anew

☆Window that is watermarked because it is for a game and I liked it so much I wanted to show it off still☆

☆Dark castle wall☆ art asset for a game that hasn't been sold yet and I like it.

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