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Cipher The Video

This video produces many abstract feelings. It is a true experience. It left me speechless. It is a treasure. WATCH IT ';TQW97TVQANW9P3RTA;STQ'AWY ALL HAIL CIPHER THE VIDEO ALL HAIL CIPHER THE VIDEO


Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni

Higurashi is the story of aliens (the extraterrestrial kind) spreading their neon glowing seed inside of unsuspecting swamps in the sticks. They thought they were being considerate when they marked the Earth in a swamp, but they did it in Japan which was a seriously bad move. Then in the future, an alien (the undocumented kind)visited the village with the icky swamp. The entire scenario is a simulation that mimicks reality and experiments to deal with any possible contingencies for secret agencies. Only a teddy bear, several throwing chairs, library learning, and Rena's delicious home cooking can stop the plots of inquisitive broccoli lovers.

I hope Rena cooks for me someday! Rena forever!

Yu Yu Hakusho

How bored do you think ghosts were before the age of television and video games? Do they enjoy reading and watching lewd material right along with you and more? Cheer you on as their favorite let's player? Just how much do the spirits influence our dreams? What are their favorite animes? Well the obvious choice is this here amazing spirit cartoon. Just listen to that aesthetic, admire the aesthetic, feel the aesthethic, and breathe the aesthetic. Each time you touch a doorknob and you feel a shock it means your spirit energy is growing stronger. If everything you touch gives you a shock you should really invest in spirit health insurance. My dearest dudes and dudettes, this here is some dandy classy anime. Pew pew! Schwing! Synth! Kuwabara! You better watch this dubbed ya punks!

First ending theme is the best ending theme so why can I not find a MIDI of it?

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Evanjellyanhk is a good time for those lonely bois out there. I especially enjoy the high school comedy aspect of the show as they are the experiences I wish I had but never did. Stingy Shinji is really picky so he only takes ketchup on his hotdogs which I can totally relate to. The sexiest thing about this show is a particular four-dimensional character. Who is that though? Why it's you! You wonderful citizen of this Earth. A true angel! Wait, what? AN ANGELRU!? Uhhhmmmmm watch this I... I... I like it. Thank you really, thank you all.

Living the life of giant robot birthday parties with a trio of bodacious babes is no sweat.


Berserk is the story of a Gutsy guy who like to swing a huge slab of iron around. He swings this sword so much that it worries others and makes people wary of him. This makes GutsyGuy quite lonely, so he wanders forests to find those who won't shame him for swinging his favorite iron slab around: demons. But before that can happen he has to help a featherman with every whim related to his dream of a crystal feather nest. Surrounded by the little people, GutsGuy has to leave the nest and find a nest of his own, a nest for him, himself, and his blade weight. Berserk is a good show to feed to your senses. I know my senses hunger... they hunger for that sweet sweet featherlady friend of the featherman. Problem is that she can be kind of scary and I'm not sure if asking her out on a date right now is viable. Maybe in a few centuries after I become the GutsiestGuy around in more ways than one.

I sacrifice for it the blood of my one-off school friends out of shamefully branded footwear

Legend of The Galactic Heroes

Legend of The Galactic Heroes is a pretty good anime. After watching all 110 episodes and more, its become clear to me that this is even better than the masterpiece of K-ON (I've never seen K-ON nor will I ever see it). The first and last seasons would be my favourites. Out of the extras one of my favourites of the Gaiden/Spiral Labyrinth series would be The Duelist. Still watching all of those, and the next anime I saw after logh happened to be some of Triage X which might be a bit bizarre in contrast.... In this anime, space battles can go on as long as a month and while the ship's crew can sleep in hibernation stasis chambers, the admirals must stay up through sheer determination and will, which is really heroic.

Truly an epic tale of legendary qualities, so watch it you silly (also watch Gunsmith Cats please).

Gun X Sword

Gun X Sword is the unofficial sequel to Cowboy Bebop, when after his usual space adventures, Spike becomes a drifter who develops a spicy addiction to mayonaise. Stuck on the planet of Endless Illusion he takes a nap in every nook and cranny possible, and every moment he isn't napping or eating meals in ways that would cause Gordon Ramsey to flip out he seeks revenge against the one who murdered his wife. The wife killer is a crazy old man who just wants to make friends and bring about world peace but Spike, AKA Vann is only out for steak and revenge. Every chance he sees to slay the wife killer gives him a murderous high, which is bad for said big bad wife killer so that's too bad, comrade. With a band of friends and his own personal Gundam, Vann will never stop his quest for revenge, and never stop being such a nice guy. The wife killer also has a band of comrades, except they're kinda freaky. It has neato music and a nice dub too.

I rate it: 13.5 couch naps out of 16. I'd say it's pretty good~

Gunsmith Cats OVA

If you want something classy, sexy, fun, groovy, guntastic, and quality then you should probably watch this. The japanimation version of the trio from Totally Spies find themselves having to stop an illegal gun-running operation and crack the case running a job as gun-adoring bounty hunters. Stuff goes boom, lots of folk get shot, cool cars, and comfy looking guns in a comfy show. It takes place in Chicago, (North)America so you should definitely watch the dub because it's great and is American. It's only three episodes so watch comfily and leisurely. Also features Asuka from NGE's voice actor so you can look forward to hearing a few more lines from not Asuka if she's your waifu. Also check out the Riding Bean OVA as it's also groovy and classy; same manga author too. Time to bring out the macaroni and cheese, or any other American cuisine.

11 Shelby GT500's and CZ75's out of 11. Must watch!


The most wanted man in the world by bounty hunters and beautiful women, Vash The Stampede travels the lands of a desolate desert planet in a quest for love and peace. Vowing to never kill anyone, he lives the life of a pacifist and does everything he can to make sure he saves everyone. In his non-lethal walkthrough of Trigun, he struggles to fight his past and protect those close to his heart. Vash dons a large revolver, but if that's his only gun then where are the other two? The most wild-west you're ever going to get out of an Anime, so comfily watch it dubbed in American! For love and for peace.

12 donuts out of 12, a full complete boxed dozen!

Code Geass

The most fabulous time someone can have as a masked knight, surrounded by bouncing bazoingas, and pizza equipped with cheesy pigs-in-a-blanket crust. When watching this you will experience many emotions, thoughts, and a surge in monarchical patriotism. When the journey is over you will wonder several things such as who is the best waifu, how dedicated you will be to that waifu, table-kun's two cents on the world, and why didn't your least favourite characters bite the dust. I've watched this anime at least once every two years, and will probably continue to until I am too old to rack up Pizza Hut reward points. Lelouch is the slowest character in the anime. J-jibu~n wo~!

22.9 mind-controlled pizza maids out of 27. Must observe!

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