The Spirit Detective Diaries

☆I may expand this to be a notepad of sorts for important magic info. But first things first my students, is that creation is instantaneous. If you are imagining something to come tomarrow or a month later then you will always be looking for it tomarrow or a month later and never get it. Eliminate buffer zones and timeframes. There are no clocks tick tocking in the realm of magic!☆

☆The Dealio of Stuff I Can Remember...☆

☆I woke up one early early morning with a sharp chill and it spooked the heck out of me and I felt that a lovely gentleman was speaking to me. Perhaps he was warning me of something. It was scary and gave me a cold sweat as it had never happened before but I thanked thee for the visit.

☆Not long after the first psychic chill spirit visit of sorts I woke up because I heard the crinkle of a plastic bag. See, I had white towels on the floor of my room and between those towels also happened to be a white plastic bag. I suppose the spirit friend stepped on it and it made a sound and that woke me up. It's also a good idea for a bedroom alarm and plot point in a story.

☆When trying to sleep I woke up instantly because I felt like I heard a weird monster voice that came from my dog after requesting more of a not exactly wholesome power. It may have just been a weird brief lucid dream thing perhaps all in my head though. Anyway I made clear that I reject the possible deal because I don't gamble with wholly unknown factors.

☆It's not uncommon to be reading about or discussing the paranormal/spooky stuff and feel a presence near you. Talking to yourself except not only yourself once in a while is nice and I wonder if doing so is influenced by a spirit. Being more paranoid when trying to sleep afterwards helps too phwueheheheh.

☆I woke up with a sharp psychic chill spirit visit again but it wasn't as spooky because I have gotten used to it.

☆I was graced by two never before seen ladies to be lewd with in my dream after achieving all A's for the first time ever so that was neat.

☆Woke up due to sleep paralysis, where I felt there was a strong pressure against my back because someone was sitting on me. I focused on tilting my head because I couldn't speak to say howdy or what's up. I believe I managed to tilt my head a little and the spirit got off my back and I could move again.

☆For the first time ever I had sleep paralysis while sleeping against my back like one should be positioned and I felt like someone giggled at me and it was on top or above me and as soon as I had consciousness again/woke up the first thing I did was swipe my hand in the air above me like a karate chop. So that was like a split-second reaction, and I had to assess what happened after it happened. It also helps that I hold the mantra that one should punch Satan in the face. I still wonder if the spirit backs off first, or that my reaction was so strong and quick that it allowed me to attack first.

☆My Portable Portal To The Spirit Realm☆

Alright so a long time ago I made a collage out of magazine images because an Art class instructor instructed me to and I did so very intricately and wonderfully. Later, I decided to hang it up on my wall and eventually I had some supernatural activity going on. I have taken it down and put in my closet only recently after semi-frequent cases of sleep paralysis. Only a short time before then had it come to my attention that this artwork of mine may be the source.

Picture of progress of it because for I do not want to show it in full.

The benefits as far as I know to removing it are having an easier time sleeping, having something with somewhat creepy connotations not on my wall, and possibly not having spirits waltzing in and out of room all the dang time. I do miss the supernatural visits though and I want them to know that I care. I may put it back up on my wall some time later. Oh, and I should remember to clean out my ears with hydrogen peroxide so I can try listening better if someone speaks to me.


☆Make a collage piece of art (and be artistic with it) using many pictures of human faces and more importantly, eyes. The eyes are important. They never blink as they have no need to. Hang it next to your bed where you sleep, to one of your sides right on the wall over your head when you sleep. Effectiveness can be increased by having yet another image of a person with eyes directly across from your portal. Keep it up, sleep with it, entertain possible ghostly lurkers especially if you suspect a visitor is next to you, and eventually you should have some activity. It took me about a year and a half for the highest score yet of most activity. Try not to be in fear, as feelings can attract likewise spirits from the realms. Let me know if this works out for you should you try it! I am curious if it is just me, though I do not hold doubt that a portal like this amplifies things. Also let me know if your walls pop and creak more often. Heh, it could even be stronger if you also put up several mirrors around but that's a tad too spicy for me. Talking to yourself except not only yourself once in a while helps too.

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